Our Cleal Oshibori “Essence” product is mixed with the essence of 30 types of trees, including Hinoki Cypress, Hiba and Pines, based on the primeval World Heritage Forest on Yakushima, Japan.



“Cleal Essence” is a special natural aroma Oshibori, using 30 kinds of trees' extract.

It's relaxing

Odor Eliminating

Ultimate alpha wave Oshibori "Cleal Essence"


 In the world heritage forest of “Yakushima” animal odor, rotten vegetation, is soon neutralized by Phyton (The Essence of trees)
We use this special Phyton aroma in “Cleal Essence”.

“Cleal Essence” has non-chemical strong power of avoiding mold and germs.

“Cleal Essence” keeps away noxious insects from plants and are therefore protected from disease.

Repelling insects

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