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1-41 Chayashinden, Gifu-City, Gifu-Ken, 501-6135 Japan

Phone +81 58.279.4147

FAX +81 58.279.2588

Email kakuta@aioros.ocn.ne.jp

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Sakura (Cherry Blossom), which has a refined beauty, is one of the symbols of the Japanese spirit.

We print these beautiful Cherry Blossoms

on our patented wet paper towel “Cleal”.
Why don't you experience this gorgeous atmosphere with our “Sakura Cleal”, wet paper towel.



●Sakura Cleal L Flat / 240×290mm

●Sakura Cleal R Flat / 200×265mm

Up to 5 colour printing is possible

Eco friendly ink (non toxic) is used this process.