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Company Name

Kakuta Paper Co., Ltd.


【Main Office】

1-41 Chayashinden, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture
Postal Code 501-6135
TEL:+81 58-279-4147 FAX:+81 58-279-2588

【Tokyo Office】

TEL:+81 3-6315-6956 FAX:+81 3-6314-5736


Representative Director, President Minae Kakuta


Founded in 1936,  Converted to corporation in 1971

Capital Fund

10,000,000 JPY

Business Outline

Manufacturing paper hand towels, whole sale of paper products,
planning and sales of promotional products


Paper towel manufaturing machine(Roll/Flat types),
base paper pressure bonding winder


A variety of paper hand towels including our patented products

Company Lawyer

Representative Lawyer Hiroyuki Kamano at Kamano Sogo Law Office
Lawyer Yukie Morikawa at Morikawa and Suzuki Law Firm


ISO 9001 Certification in 2022
FSC® certification

"Management Innovation Plan" approved by Gifu Prefecture

on May 1, 2018, in recognition of our efforts in new initiatives such as "development of new products and new services" and "conversion to new service provision methods", our company's " Management Innovation Plan” was certified and approved by Gifu Prefecture.


History History

1936 The founder, Keizi Kakuda established a wholesale store for daily necessities in Furuwatari-cho, Naka ward, Nagoya City.
1946 Relocated to Kanazono-cho 1 in Gifu city afterWorld War Ⅱ.
Started selling insecticides and Mino Washi, Japanese speciality paper, in addition to daily necessities.
1971 Reorganized the company as Kakuta Paper CO., LTD.
1972 Reconstructed the store to Kakuda Building and started selling stationary and office supplies.
1979 Built a new plant for Oshibori hand towel manufacturing in Yanaizu-cho in Gifu city.
1988 Relocated to a newly built facility for Oshibori hand towel manufacturing in Chayashinden 1 chome in Gifu city.
Started full-scale Oshibori hand towel production and released the patented Oshibori, "Cleal."
1999 Opened the Tokyo Office
2000 Relocated the main office to Chayashinden in Gifu city.
2001 Added a new office and plant.
2013 Created the first products of the Color Series, Sakura.
2014 Created the first products of the Scent Series, Cleal Essence.
2017 Created the second products of the Color series, Clover.
2018 The business was approved for Management Innovation Plan by Gifu prefecture.
2019 Created the third products of the Color Series, The Kimono Collection.
New Product Fragrance Series, 2nd “Natural Peppermint Oshibori” Developed
Obtained FSC Certification.
2021 Built a new manufacturing plant at the same site and relocated the manufacturing division to the new plant.
2022 Acquired ISO9001 certification

Certified as a company declaring work environment improvement

Since April 2020, the National Federation of Labor and Social Security Attorney Association has been actively working on improving the working environment. In order to support companies that are working on labor compliance and work style reform, companies will be diagnosed by a social worker and certified mark will be issued.

This time, our efforts have been highly evaluated, and we have acquired the certification of "Workplace Environment Improvement Declaration".

We will continue striving to further improve the work environment so that employees can work with peace of mind.

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(Japanese only)

Health Declaration

We aim to create a work environment in which each employee can enhance his/her immunity and fully demonstrate his/her abilities with vigor and vitality, keeping in mind that a sound body and mind are the key to good products and good work.


Core labor requirements policy.

We are committed to treating our people with dignity and respect so that they can maximize their talents.

  1. We do not tolerate any form of child labor, forced labor, or exploitation of children.
  2. We support fair and equitable treatment of our workers, maintain smooth relations with our employees, and support our employees fairly through regular meetings.

February 1, 2022
Representative Director Minae Kakuta


Consultation・Product inquiries

Tel. 0120-55-4711

Office hours, Week days only 9:00-17:30
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Consultation・Product inquiries


Office hours, Week days only 9:00-17:30
Inquiry form