Kakuda Shigyo Co., Ltd. SDGs Action Declaration

We support the "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" advocated by the United Nations and contribute to the realization of a rich life through "environmentally friendly" initiatives.

1Provision of environmentally friendly products and services

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Through the construction of such things as environmental management systems, all employees will seriously tackle environmental issues, provide environmentally friendly products, and contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the global environment.

2Responsible corporate behavior

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We will strive to improve productivity and contribute to sustainable development by expanding the introduction of clean technologies and environmentally friendly technologies and processes.

3Promotion of health management

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We will promote the creation of a work environment where diverse human resources can make the most of their abilities and individuality, and where all employees can work energetically with a sense of purpose.


Our towels are FSC® certified products.

Our products are made with raw materials from well-managed FSC® certified forests, recycled sources and other controlled sources.
Acquired FSC® CoC certification: March 20, 2019
Certificate number: SGSHK-COC-350306
License number: FSC® C146767

FSC® forest certification is an international certification system for properly managed forests and properly procured forest products so that limited forest resources can be used in the future.

We will continue to make efforts that consider the environment and forest conservation.


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