On June 3, 2022, Kakuda Paper Ltd. acquired "ISO9001" certification, which is the international standard for quality assurance. We have established the following quality policies in order to create products that are even more satisfying to each and every customer.

Quality Policy

Kakuta Paper's mission is to provide our customers with Oshibori paper towels and paper products that are water retentive, strong, soft, hygienic,and safe while continuously working towards elevating customer satisfaction and protecting our patented technology. We comply with all laws, regulations and requirements related to our products, and are continuously improving our quality management system.

To realize this policy, we set quality objectives, improve our business processes, and strive to enhance customer satisfaction.


ISO consultant

Seitan Nitta
Representative: Toshiki Nitta

Representative: Toshiki Nitta

[Licenses and qualifications]
Quality Management System Lead Auditor
Assistant Environmental Management System Auditor
Completed HACCP auditor request course
BCP Formulation Support Specialist Seminar Training Completed
Assistant surveyor
2nd class civil engineering construction management engineer

[Business history]
From January 2006 *Consulting services for ISO series such as QMS, EMS, OHSMS
* Business continuity plan (BCP) formulation and planning support work
* General hygiene management and HACCP construction support work
* Planning and guidance for human resource development education
* Support work for CO2 emission reduction business plans
* ISO auditor (ISO9001, ISO14001), etc.


Consultation・Product inquiries

Tel. 0120-55-4711

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Consultation・Product inquiries


Office hours, Week days only 9:00-17:30
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