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I have always been moved by the seasonal beauty of Japan, and I can never sing enough praises about the rare qualities analogous to this beauty that seamlessly blends together with the warmth of Japanese culture.

I would love it if people, not only in Japan, but also all over the world could experience "Omotenashi Culture", which comes from the beauty within people's hearts, through Cleal.

Kakuta Paper Co Ltd

Minae Kakuta

A grand harp performance to pray for world peace


Masako Kakuta  

Mayako Kakuta

We highly value and regard our Cleal Oshibori as a part of Japanese culture, and strongly hope that it will spread to the rest of the world.

[Career Summary]
Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Author of children's literature
Executive Director, All Japan Music Authors Association, Lyricist
Nobuo Kojima Literary Award
Chairman of the Association of Nobuo Kojima Literary Award Winners

[Main Works]
“Yuki and Yasuke - Songs of Paper Mills”
“Ranmaru, Yume no Tochu - The True Story of the Honnoji Incident”
“Cormorant, Flap into the Clear Stream”
“The sun rises over the weir of washing”
“Gingitsune no Koi (The Love of a Silver Fox)”,
and various other works.

“Yuki and Yasuke - Songs of Paper Mills”
Has been active as a writer of long-run musicals for over 20 years and has contributed to the culture of Mino and Gifu City.
Also in cooperation with the Mino Washi Association.

General Counsel

Kamano Sogo Law Office
 Representative Lawyer Hiroyuki Kamano

Representative Lawyer Hiroyuki Kamano

Graduated from Faculty of Law, Kyoto University Graduated from Graduate School of Law and Politics, University of Tokyo
Graduated from Harvard Law School (LLM)
Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Director, First North America Division, American Affairs Bureau
Legal Research and Training Institute (33rd term)
Arnold & Porter LLP Lawyer (1981-1988)
Representative Attorney at Kamano Sogo Law Office (1988-)
Vice President of the Tokyo Bar Association (2009)
Outside Corporate Auditor of Komatsu Ltd. (2007-2015)
Outside Director of Sumitomo Life Insurance Company (2007-2015)
Outside Director of NGK Insulators, Ltd. (2011-)
Outside Corporate Auditor of House Foods Group Inc. (2015-)

[Main services]
Corporate Law, International Transactions, Finance, Antimonopoly Law/Competition Law,
Human Resources/Labor, Bankruptcy, Debt Collection/Dispute Resolution/Litigation

[Main publications]
"Patent Mafia Aims at Japan" Doshoin
"Bankruptcy Law Encyclopedia" (co-author) Kinzai Jijo Kenkyukai
"Bankruptcy Process Handbook" (co-author) Chuokeizai-sha
“Civil Rehabilitation Proceedings and Supervisory Board” (co-author) Shojihomu
"Legal Advice for Foreigners" (co-author) Gakuyo Shobo

The International Bar Association
The Inter-Pacific Bar Association
The American Bar Association
The District of Columbia Bar
Tokyo Bar Association

Morikawa and Suzuki Law Firm
 Lawyer Yukie Morikawa

Lawyer Yukie Morikawa

Born and resides in Gifu City
1974 Obtained lawyer qualification
1975 Opened a law office in Gifu City
1986 Vice President of Gifu Bar Association
1993 Vice President of Gifu Prefecture Bar Association
1994 President of Gifu Bar Association
April 2001 Deputy Mayor of Gifu City
February 2002 Re-registered as an attorney
January 2006 Legal Professional Corporation Morikawa & Suzuki Law Office

[Former public office]
 Human Rights Protection Commissioner, Ministry of Justice
 Gifu Family Court Arbitration Committee
 Gifu Prefectural Gifu High School Alumni Association Chairman

 Received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette in 2017

The 3 Pillars of Kakuta Paper, celebrating our 85th anniversary in 2021 The 3 Pillars of Kakuta Paper, celebrating our 85th anniversary in 2021

In November of 2021, thanks to all of our customers, we celebrated our 85th anniversary.
At the same time we express our gratitude to our customers who have loved Cleal over the years as it has grown. We would like to refine our products as a source of Japanese culture that meets the needs of the next generation and continue to provide a new Cleal every day.

Our CLEAL was born from Mino washi paper, which was nurtured with the blessings of the Nagara River's rich water and beautiful nature. 私Our CLEAL was born from Mino washi paper, which was nurtured with the blessings of the Nagara River's rich water and beautiful nature.

1. Realization of 100% biodegradable towels 1. Realization of 100% biodegradable towels

We strive to use eco-friendly, 100% natural biodegradable materials without using petroleum-based chemical fibers as raw materials.
If the used wet towels return to the soil and could contribute to environmental conservation...
We would like to continue working on product development that is conscious of the global environment.

3本の柱の1つ 3本の柱の1つ

2. Adopt nanodiamond technology for antivirus qualities. 2. Adopt nanodiamond technology for antivirus qualities.

Nanodiamonds affect harmful substances via redox reactions with highly active catalysts and antioxidative effects to decompose, nullify, and inactivate these substances. As these nanodiamond catalyst redox reactions are scientifically stable, they demonstrate long-term effects without being affected by brightness or temperature.
Nanodiamond catalysts are used in a variety of industries such as aviation, medicine, roadways, public facilities, and paper.
Our Cleal oshibori uses this nanodiamond technology to make it antiviral, antimicrobial, deodorizing, moldproof, and antioxidative.

3本の柱の2つ 3本の柱の2つ

3.  Spreading Japanese culture throughout the world. 3.  Spreading Japanese culture throughout the world.

"Oshiboris" have been used in Japan for ages ever since the Heian Period (794 to 1185 AD).
At the time, court nobles would provide their guests with wet cloths, a primitive form of the oshibori, which would later change to cotton towels in the Muromachi Period (1336 to 1573 AD).
Inns known as "Hatago" would prepare tubs of water and a towel for their lodgers, and lodgers would dip the towel under water, wring the towel (the Japanese word for "wring" is "shiboru"), and wipe their hands and feet. From this action of "wringing", i.e. "shiboru", came the term "oshibori".
The care and compassion of providing oshiboris to tired travelers is a perfect example of the spirit of "omotenashi".
We would love to spread this Japanese tradition of "oshibori" widely throughout the world.
Today, Cleal is used in hotels and Japanese restaurants around the world and has become a beloved product by all.

3本の柱の3つ 3本の柱の3つ


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