Handling of personal informationマイナス

1.We will properly protect information that can identify individual customers (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") based on the following policy.

2.When we receive personal information from customers, we will clearly indicate the purpose of use. However, we may omit the presentation of the purpose of use when interviewing or exchanging business cards with our employees, or when receiving business cards, etc. at various events.
・When you use our company, we may ask you for your personal information in the following cases.
・Providing appropriate employment placement and job information to users
・Provision of information to companies based on user consent
・Provision of various services incidental to this service
・E-mail distribution for providing various information related to this service
・Hearing opinions, requests, etc. for the purpose of improving the quality of this service
・Other cases where it is necessary for the use of our services

3.We will appoint a person responsible for handling personal information, use it only for legitimate purposes, and strive to manage personal information appropriately.

4.We will protect the personal information provided by our customers through technical measures, etc., and strive to prevent risks such as unauthorized intrusion, loss, falsification, and leakage of personal information.

5.We will not disclose the personal information provided by the customer to a third party without the consent of the customer, unless there is a justifiable reason.

6.If the customer wishes to confirm or correct the personal information provided by the customer, we will respond within a reasonable scope. For inquiries, please contact kakuta@aioros.ocn.ne.jp.

7.We are not responsible for the protection of your personal information, etc. on other websites (business operators or individuals other than our company) linked to this site.

8.We will review this policy as necessary based on customer opinions, etc., and in accordance with changes in laws and regulations, and strive to improve it. If this policy is revised, it will be announced by posting it on our website, so please check it regularly.


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Consultation・Product inquiries


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